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The Leverage Selling System is a comprehensive sales and marketing system specifically designed for small businesses and lifestyle entrepreneurs to maximize scalability, profitability, and freedom of time and location, and without requiring large teams or investments to manage.

Get More Attention

You must have attention before you can sell. You’ll use content marketing and paid advertising to ensure that the visibility of your business is always growing with the right audience.

Grow Your Pipeline

Systematically convert attention into opportunities and build a full, consistent pipeline of pre-sold prospects that are indoctrinated and assimilated to your ideal messaging.

Grow Your Brand

Use the power of high-impact stories and educational content, delivered with repetition and consistency, to build your brand and become the obvious choice in your market.

Maximize Customer Value

Create a complete suite of high-value offers that are presented at the right time to maximize the value of each customer relationship.

Free Up Your Time

Use automation to free yourself from having to be personally involved with every sale, create more flexibility with your time, and minimize reliance on expensive and unreliable salespeople.

Grow Sales Consistently

Once you’ve installed the Leverage Selling System, you’ll have a system that can be measured and improved daily, giving you more consistency, predictability, and scalability from your sales process.

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What people say about us

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Clarence Fisher

Founder, Tulsa IM

“You don’t have to be smart to get INTO business, but you’d better get smart quick to STAY in business. That’s what Michael Cooch’s training has allowed me to do, win clients and deals for almost a decade.”

Josh Nelson

CEO Plumbing & HVAC SEO

“Thank you Michael Cooch. Your training, coaching and guidance over the years has been instrumental in our continued growth and success!”

Nehal Kazim

Founder, Amplify Facebook Ads Agency

“What I have learned from Mike is very simple; how to plan for growth, how to execute for growth, and how to manage that growth in my business. I have been very fortunate to meet these guys and learn from them online and in person.”

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