Always Be On Offense. ALWAYS!

Are you on offense or defense?

I think that’s a question you should ask yourself regularly in all of the key areas of your life.

This is one of the most important ‘life’ and ‘business’ lessons I’ve had regarding the entrepreneurial mindset from my last couple of laps around the sun.

You are either on offense or defense, and my very strong belief is that…


Let me try to be clear about what I mean by ‘always be on offense’.

Prevent Defense Doesn’t Work

Every fan of American football knows that ‘prevent defense’ doesn’t work.

It’s SO PAINFUL to watch a team throw away a victory because they decide to try to play it safe, allowing the other team to take advantage and steal a win.

You know someone – everyone knows someone – that is very clearly playing this sort of ‘prevent defense’ in all areas of their life.

They don’t take risks.

They talk themselves out of pursuing their passions because it’s not the practical thing to do.

They stay in the job that isn’t fulfilling because it pays well and looks good on the resume.

They stay in the marriage that isn’t working because they are afraid of being alone, or what a divorce looks like to their friends and family.

They’ve lost their edge.

They are on defense.

That’s Not You…

Now, I’m sure that’s not you…right?


When I took a hard look at myself a couple of years ago, I realized that I was playing defense in some critical areas of my life, and my guess is that you are too.

Unless you are being very proactive and deliberate about this concept, the reality is that almost everyone is (at least for a period of time) playing defense in at least one important area of their life.

If you are honest with yourself right now, I’ll bet you’ll find that to be true.

Evaluate The Seven F’s

I define the important areas of my life using the ‘Seven F’s’ below:

I regularly evaluate how I’m doing in each of these areas by giving them a score of 1-10, and then clarifying what I need to do to improve in each area.

Use that framework – or whatever framework you prefer – to do a proactive evaluation:

“Am I playing defense in any of these key areas of my life?”

“Why? What benefit am I getting from doing so?”

“What could life be like if I were to go on offense instead?”

“What will it cost me if I stay on defense?”

“When I’m 90 and looking back on my life, will I regret it if I stay on defense?”

It’s About Your Entrepreneurial Mindset

I want to be clear:

I’m NOT suggesting that you have to be reckless in any area of your life…that you have to ‘leap without a parachute’ just to prove that you are a risk-taking daredevil of any sort.

I AM saying that you should have a constant pursuit of growth in all areas of your life that are important to you…

I AM saying that you should be deliberate and proactive and plan to win in all of the key areas of your life…not just hope for success or growth.

I AM saying that you should have incredibly high expectations and not settle in all of the key areas of your life…not just accept what’s been given to you.

That’s being on offense.

It’s about your mindset.

Invest in This

Making an investment in your own psychology is always positive ROI.

Spend time on this.

Go to the seminars. Read the books. Buy the courses.

You likely know I’m a HUGE Tony Robbins fan, but find whatever resource works for you and be proactive!


I hope this message serves you.

All the best,


Mike Cooch