Why You Must Automate Your Sales Process Right Now!

Hey everybody, it’s Mike Cooch.

I have a really important concept that I want to share with you that can be a major game changer for most of you. This is particularly for those of you new entrepreneurs or you’re running smaller businesses.

The idea is the very first thing that you should do at your business is to put in place an automated sales process.

Automated sales process

There are all kinds of cool automation tools out there and people have been investing in different ways of automating their business.

I know from experience that the majority of you have not automated as much as you can and here’s why that’s a big problem.

It’s a big problem because it keeps you working in your business more than you want to be instead of on your business.

When you put an automated system in place no matter how imperfect it is, you at least now have something to work on instead of work in.

You have something that you can measure from start to finish. Which means that if you can measure it you can start to improve it. Because if you’re just out hustling, if you’re out selling just by hustling, you don’t have an automated process in place.

It’s incredibly difficult.

Reason to get an automated sales process

One, to give yourself the time to work on your business because working in your business gets you stuck working in it every day.

Two, working in your business is difficult to measure.

I know because I’ve done manual sales processes from start to finish for years and years, and I build businesses that way.

It’s easy to get into the flow and get caught in the trap of working in your business because it’s just the default. What more is you have to pick up the phone or meet with people in person and create proposals and all that type of stuff.

The problem is, again, you get stuck working in your business instead of on it and you can’t measure it.

If you don’t have a good way of measuring something, then what happens is you don’t have a good way of improving it. What gets measured gets managed and what gets managed gets improved.

So you have to put in an automated sales process from the very get-go.

And again, it’s not going to be perfect.

It’s not going to be perfect

There are going to be all kinds of things about it that you don’t like because you know you can do better.

But that’s the point because now you can start working on improving it instead of just being stuck in your sales process every day.

So step one in growing your business is to put in an automated sales process.

Automate as much as you possibly can and set it up so that you can measure it. So you get data throughout then you can start working on it and start improving it.