Hey, it’s Mike here with a quick but important message for all of my local agency folks.

Local Media Property: An Asset

I have been very focused on building a local media property here in San Diego and there are two big philosophies behind it.

One is that if you don’t own the media, if you don’t create that asset, somebody else is going to and you’re always going to have to pay them for attention.

I want to build that asset. I want to own the asset.

The other major thing is that I believe that the PR agency model in local markets, in particular, is dead or dying quickly and they just don’t know it. There’s a lot of PR agencies out here in San Diego that are charging restaurants thousands of dollars a month, and their entire job is to try to get stories run on media sites like mine.

So when you think about that, those PR firms don’t own any assets. They’re just trying to get articles on the sites like ours.

Again, building the asset.

But I don’t think those PR firms will exist in the media very quickly just like what we’re doing.

From an expert’s view

I’ve been ranting about this and a lot of people think that maybe I’m a little bit crazy, that maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about.

The thing is I was listening to Gary V.’s podcast on the way here and on the way to the office. That is where I get these ideas.

On the first podcast, he says that the PR agency model of the local business for restaurants is dead and they just don’t know it yet.  

Then on the second podcast, he says that he thinks that building a local media property is like becoming the mirror of your town by owning that local media. It is also the biggest white space online today.

I am going to share the link of the podcasts below. If in case you don’t believe me just listen to Gary V.

Either way, take action because I think that you’re going to regret it if you don’t.


Click here for Gary Vaynerchuk podcast.