In A Digital World, Real In Person Experiences Are More Valuable Than Ever!

Sure, we love all things digital marketing around here – we are true technology geeks! But one thing we are 110% convinced of is that nothing is more powerful than an in person experience that connects people and creates memories.

In fact, we don’t think there is any more powerful way to build brand loyalty or create new opportunities. That’s why are investing heavily in local events this year as part of our local media business here in San Diego.

Here’s the highlight video from one of our recent networking events that we threw for ‘creative professionals’ in San Diego:


Events like this are not hard to produce, but they have an oversized impact on attendees, and give you incredible marketing content for years to come!

And they produce revenue! People are craving new experiences, and they are willing to pay to get them!

So let’s summarize:

  1. Events are an incredibly powerful way to connect with your audience
  2. They create tremendous brand loyalty
  3. They generate lots of new opportunities, collaborations and partnerships
  4. They give you marketing/media content to use for years to come
  5. They are fun!
  6. AND they make money!

Do you think you should add events to your marketing plan this year? Yeah, we think so too!

It doesn’t matter where you live, what you are trying to sell, or who you are trying to sell it to – you can and should make events work!

Let me know your thoughts or questions.

All the best,


Mike Cooch